M-F, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
930 Hilltop Dr, Suite 100
Weatherford, TX 76086

M-F, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
930 Hilltop Dr, Suite 100
Weatherford, TX 76086

Water can quickly cause major problems in your home with a sudden, unexpected event like a burst pipe. While many homeowners underestimate the frequency of water issues that arise from plumbing or appliances, it’s helpful to know what your insurance will cover should a non-weather water incident occur. According to the Insurance Information Institute, over a five-year period, on average just over one non-weather water claim was filed per 50 homeowners policies each year and the average cost per claim was almost $11,000. Here are five answers to the most common questions you should know when you’re purchasing a homeowners policy:

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Wintry temperatures are moving into North Texas later this week. 

While this weather event will be nothing like the February 2021 winter storm - where the entire state saw sustained, below-freezing temperatures for more than a week - there is still the chance for power outages caused by the icing over of power lines and tree branches.  Taking action now to prepare your home can help you in the long run, in the event we have freezing temperatures and power outages.

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Paschall Insurance Group has announced the addition of local insurance professional Chad Edwards to its group of agents.

“Chad Edwards is a well-respected, highly-trusted insurance professional,” said Paul Paschall, agency owner. “His personal values, professional training, and commitment to protecting his clients make him a perfect addition to the Paschall Insurance Group team.”

Edwards has been in the insurance industry for 11 years. A lifelong resident of Parker County and a graduate of Millsap High School, Edwards earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Tarleton State University where he was a three-year letterman in track and field. 

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Have you frantically googled how much car insurance is for a 16-year-old and panicked after finding out that it is quite heavy on the pocketbook?

So, your newly turned 16-year-old is now licensed to drive what happens next?  Insurance, of course!  Since 16-year old drivers have less experience behind the wheel than older drivers, they pose more of a risk and in turn pay a higher insurance premium.  Apart from age, gender also plays a crucial part in determining the insurance premium.  Statistics show a 16-year-old male driver is more likely to receive a citation or get into an accident than a 16-year-old female.  Male teenagers pay an average of 16% more for their insurance premiums than their female counterparts.

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Tornado season is upon us, as most of us experienced the watches and warnings yesterday! During a tornado, people face hazards from extremely high winds and risk being struck by flying and falling objects. Learn what steps you can take to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during a tornado.

Take shelter immediately if there is a tornado warning or if you see signs of a tornado

  • Take shelter immediately during a tornado warning. A tornado warning is issued when a tornado is sighted or indicated by weather radar.
  • Take shelter if you see signs of a tornado. Sometimes tornadoes strike quickly, without time for a tornado warning. Signs that a tornado may be approaching include
    • Rotating funnel-shaped cloud
    • Approaching cloud of debris
    • Dark or green-colored sky
    • Large, dark, low-lying cloud
    • Large hail
    • Loud roar that sounds like a freight train
  • Keep tuned to local radio and TV stations, or your mobile phone.

If you spot a tornado that is far away, seek shelter and help alert others to the tornado by immediately reporting it to the newsroom of a local radio or TV station. Use common sense and exercise caution.

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